A 2005 study by Interland Sumner found that 67% of all home or business sales are first researched online.

Today that number is even higher!

The message delivered by your web site must be one that keeps your clients on your site and not on your competitors' sites.

Since you have only 1/20th of a second to capture your audience it is even more important for a small or start-up business to not just have a web site but to have an effective web design.

That is why all of M-cubed Designs' web sites are not just esthetically pleasing but also focus on usability and utility.

Purchase or Lease a Web Site

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Up to 5 Customized Pages
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Free Contact Page
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The Six Traits of Effective Web Sites

  1. A domain name that, if possible, is based on your business not the name of your company.
  2. A real email address that goes to a real person. i.e. "sales@aol.com" is not very credible when trying to get or retain customers.
  3. An effective contact page. Most people will complete only three fields. Requiring more then that will cause users to "bail".
  4. Simple uncluttered design with functional navigation. You have 1/20th of a second to capture your audience. If you do not get them right away most people will go elsewhere within three clicks.
  5. A separate page for each topic with content that is relevant and written for both humans and search engines.
  6. A definitive point of transaction. If you are selling products this would be your shopping cart. If you are selling a service this would be your contact page.
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